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Dams, Sediment & the Bay

December 2011, Chesapeake Quarterly

Our Say: Die-off creates new woes for bay’s endangered oysters

November 8, 2011, The Capital

Conowingo owners: Dam not to blame for bay damage

November 7, 2011, Pamela Wood, The Capital

Storms leave trail of debris, sediments in their wake

October 1, 2011, Karl Blankenship, Bay Journal

Study on Sediment behind Conowingo Dam Launched

September 27, 2011, Maryland Department of Environment

Scientists study storms’ effects on bay

September 21, 2011, Pamela Wood, The Capital

Swollen Susquehanna sends junk drifting down the bay

September 13, 2011, Pamela Wood, The Capital

Critics say treatment plant upgrades won’t help bay cleanup

June 2, 2011, Katherine Heerbrandt, Gazette.Net

Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t
Chesapeake Bay Magazine, Jody Argo Schroath, April/May 2011 
Reprinted online 2 August 2017

EPA Establishes Landmark Chesapeake Bay ‘Pollution Diet’
U.S. EPA, Region 3, 12 December 2010

Muckraker: Riverkeeper’s crusade to save Chesapeake Bay from sediment

September 13, 2009, Scott Fisher, Daily Record/ Sunday News

A Disaster in Waiting

November 3, 2009, David Berry, Bay Journal

Consensus isn’t clear on how to handle Conowingo’s trapped sediment

February 1, 2008, Karl Blankenship, Bay Journal

1993 freshet failed to budge sediment behind Conowingo Dam

July 1, 1994, Karl Blankenship, Bay Journal